Python Developer

Mariia Hrechyshkina , Dreamdev Solutions
$1500 - 3000
5 Авг 2020

We are looking for Python Developer to join our team.

Необходимые навыки:
Language: Python (3+ years);
Hands-on experience with Flask;
Databases: GraphQL, Postgres;
Serverless architecture: AWS Cognito, Lambda, RDS Aurora (Postgres), S3, CloudFront;
Experience or knowledge with TDD and BDD;
Experience with Gitlab;

Experience with Redshift, Timescale, Airflow, Snowflake or is a plus;
Written and verbal skills in English;

В данный момент идет разработка масштабного продукта уровня Zapier и Klipfolio для энтерпрайз сектора. Backend на Flask, frontend на vue.js. В проекте будет динамическая генерация дашбордов и еще очень много интересных решений.

As you already know, the key value of Dreamdev Solutions is people. Therefore, we value professionals
who have serious attitude to their work and their professional growth. In its turn, we offer fair and
transparent working conditions in our company. We do not focus our efforts on superficial things that
could give the company external respectability. First, we focus on creating a strong team and comfort
for everyone within our team. Thus, each participant of the process sees the results of their activities
and is more motivated to achieve high-quality and quantitative results. The key to successful teamwork
is ease of communication and the absence of a bureaucratic approach to work. Our company is based
on European values, that’s why you will always be comfortable in communicating with colleagues and