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Mariia Hrechyshkina

Dreamdev Solutions



Dreamdev Solutions offers technological solutions in web development, as well as large enterprise solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that work.
We are a company of professionals in web development, which strives to be leaders in technological development. Creating products, we challenge and inspire other companies to new achievements and improve the quality of their services.
We are located in Ukraine and offer services to customers all around the world. Our developments, as well as individual enterprise solutions, provide high profitability and security of development investments of our clients, as well as help to expand the boundaries of clients business in order to achieve maximum productivity.
We are proud of our experience with budgets of more than $ 50,000 and cooperation with online businesses with a monthly turnover of more than $ 400,000. Dreamdev Solutions works with clients around the world, from the United States of America, Australia, including
European countries, to the Middle East and South Africa.